Positioning the Australian Olympic Team.

As it is for our professional athletes the Australian Olympic Committee’s work is a mammoth task preparing for our nation’s attendance at the Olympic Games. Familiar with our campaigns for their media partner Getty Images, they asked us to breathe new life into their communications for the Australian Olympic Committee and the Australian Olympic Team.

Pushing boundaries
Briefed to bring our understanding of the visual language, we saw an opportunity to do more. Our proposal was to give the communications more depth, more insights and more story. Using the power of dynamic imagery to set the visual tone and placing athletes at the centre of the brand, we formed a smart framework reaching out to public, stakeholders and athletes, while also securing sponsorships and donations.

The full story
In partnership with our clients we consulted on the brand development and began to extend and amplify this base through the integrated marketing activity. Placing story at the heart of our communications, we foreground authenticity, showcase passion, unpack heritage and performance. Having a people centric approach, all creative was devised according to what resonated with our audience. As well as helping to create an understanding of each sponsor’s contribution to the Olympic campaign beyond money, it added another benefit to the sponsorship package.

A new benchmark
We’ve met great people, conducted interviews, collated research, written articles and re-designed the Olympians Magazine. We’ve developed communications strategies and designed for multiple campaign events on the Road to Rio. We developed the full branding graphics package for the Australian Olympic Village for the 2016 Rio Games. With hundreds of elements, multiple sites and of course in Brazil, there’s a lot of scope and a lot going on. We love a challenge and see the only success is a shared success. With the members of our studio always in collaboration with our AOC partners, we’re all on the #OneTeam

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