15 films -  Conversations, insights and outcomes.

We know its a user centred approach to design that defines the spirit of place. So when the Architectural Practice Board of South Australia needed help to interview some architects we knew the project needed to be audience focused. We proposed a concept to foreground storytelling, personal insights and the diversity of architectural practice.

Having in-house film experience at Rodeo allowed us to stay close to the project and be hands on at every stage of development. From pre-production planning and location shooting, through to interviewing, direction, editing and design. We combined our own interests in storytelling, place making and design thinking to define a diverse range of locations and leading questions. Good conversations revealed unique personal and project insights that connected to the core messaging requirements across the 15 films. 

The real potential of these architects was not exactly in the scale of the their projects, the budget options, the considered material palette or avant garde shape and form - it was in the values and the actions their projects can inspire in the rest of us. Defining and developing good outcomes that provide better connected and healthier communities.

Solving an architectural problem is not a linear process and the same is true of our work. As communicators we look at strategy options, consider the first principles of what we need to achieve with our client, we go round in circles and refine things at every stage of project development to get the best project outcomes. 

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