We've done 15 years of smart work together.

We’ve helped Getty Images transform how they present their products and services to customers in Australia, New Zealand, across Asia and globally for more than a decade. Over this time so much has changed, but there is still a lot that hasn’t. Our partnership with Getty Images is based on trust, collaboration, innovation, strategy and a deep understanding of visual language. We know the power of imagery, how it mirrors our lives, shapes understanding and tells complex and compelling stories.

Getty Images is the world’s largest provider of digital media – imagery, footage, music – creating and licensing media for use in all media channels, everything from leading newspapers to feature films to advertising and more. While their shop front is online, they’ve built their reputation on having a passion for pictures and by being a creative partner.

Together we’ve created hundreds of campaigns both large and small, with innovative approaches to brand experience and engagement that drive response. Many campaigns devised for Australia/New Zealand have been extended into major global markets on the strength of the strategy development and their ability to connect and engage with audiences. Over time we’ve helped to define and translate their brand vision and sales targets into new platforms for the business, building relationships and bringing customers onto the pathway of content via a range of non-linear experiences and engagement.
Our work for Getty Images has included working with multiple offices around the world, at times versioning our creative into seven languages, as well as culturally insightful and nuanced campaigns for South East Asia. We’ve created integrated, multi channel campaigns for both specific regions and/or globally and work in all media.
We’ve produced experiential installations to engage with Getty Images’ audience and bring the company’s products to life at industry events in Australia and South East Asia. Post-event surveys have shown them to be great successes in elevating brand love and recall. Our partnership with Getty Images is about delivering results that meet objectives and exceed targets – this will evolve as we continue to position the world’s leader in imagery, but it’s a journey we take together to engage audiences on a local and global scale. 
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